28 Days On The Moon

28 Days On The Moon



Süre: 56 Dk.

İlk Mecra: İz TV

Yapımcı: Eda Elif Tibet

Yönetmen: Eda Elif Tibet

Eser Hakkında

Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popularly visited touristic site situated in the heartland of Anatolia, Turkey is visited by millions of tourists each year, for its surreal looking moonlike landscape and undeniably rich Christian Heritage. Although, it still remains to be inhabited by its own secluded, conservative yet friendly people, they are mostly being displaced by the tourism development in the area.The film tells the story of three different villages, 9 individuals. All interlinked yet disattached from the common realities of each others' lives, they comment on the daily issues and highlight the important themes that may be of interest not only for the curious anthropologists, but for everyone who travels or traveled at some point, from home to someone Else's home.

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